Music: Henry Ibbs Band

The Henry Ibbs Band play ‘Mersey-sippi Gypsy Blues’, an eclectic assortment of music drawing from folk, swing, reggae, country and blues.  T.H.I.B. are Edinburgh based,  acoustic, energetic and fun.

Henry Ibbs Band

Their set consists of mainly original material with about a third of their set relying on choice cover version and trad folk songs.  With vocal, guitar, violin and cajon, their intention is to at least get your feet tapping…..


The Henry Ibbs Band played at the opening night of Edinburgh Ragged.  When asked what music resource comes recommended this came back…

I love as a resource.  It’s basically a database of folk songs and it’s massive.  It doesn’t have any recordings as such of the songs, just the lyrics and sometimes a midi file of the melody can be downloaded and played on most media players.  Although there are issues with youtube regarding ownership of intellectual copy-write, I find it another great resource in assisting me in my work.