16th March: Language learning in children and adults; A day with Antonella Sorace

Bilingualism matters
Bilingualism matters

1400 to 1600 on the Mezzanine level of the Central Library on 16th March
A special day to hear Professor Antonella Sorace and ask her questions.

Language Learning In Children And Adults: Why It Always Matters

Antonella Sorace (University of Edinburgh and Bilingualism Matters)
Any child can learn more than one language without any effort. Bilingualism makes children’s brain more flexible, improves their attention, and gives them a range of benefits that last a lifetime. But what about learning a second language later in life?
Many people think it is difficult for adults to learn a second language well, but research shows that adults can reach very high proficiency levels and get many mental advantages too.

Living Well: Practical Solidarity and Steady State

This Economics Report is shared by Judith Emanuel from Steady State Manchester and was written in November 2012.  In June 2012 members of what became Steady State Manchester were involved in discussions with Manchester City Council about the idea of a Steady State Economy.

While these discussions were open and amicable, we decided that more work was needed to articulate the arguments for Steady State in ways that were appropriate and practical for Manchester. We also wanted to broaden the discussion to include other stake-holders from business (both private and co-operatively run), civil society and academia. Read more…

Music: Paul Montague

I am a professional musician who has been playing and recording music for ten years. During this time I have played with Jacobs Pillow, The Black Diamond Express, Big Red, and The Discipline. I now play harmonica and sing with the Edinburgh blues band Missing Cat, who have toured Scotland and played several gigs in Europe.
Well, it all started back in year zero with a band called Delta and a lot of smoke, later there was talk of world domination and of course enlightenment. We decided that if it was in fact noise and playing with other people’s heads in smoky rooms that was to be the way… then that’s just the way it had to be…The only reason we do it is because it gets us high playing all this Frock, Flazz & Blues music.
Read more…

Cacao Sourcing, Preservation of Biodiversity, Ethical Trade & Chocolate Making by Ali Gower

The Chocolate Tree began trading at music festivals in Scotland. We built a geo-desic dome tent which housed our mobile chocolaterie.

The two owners, Alastair Gower & Friederike Matthis, met whilst performing as “red men” in the Beltane festival of Edinburgh. The positive reactions we received at the festivals highly motivated us, and we progressed The Chocolate Tree to become our full time passion and business. Read more…