Music: Paul Montague

I am a professional musician who has been playing and recording music for ten years. During this time I have played with Jacobs Pillow, The Black Diamond Express, Big Red, and The Discipline. I now play harmonica and sing with the Edinburgh blues band Missing Cat, who have toured Scotland and played several gigs in Europe.
Well, it all started back in year zero with a band called Delta and a lot of smoke, later there was talk of world domination and of course enlightenment. We decided that if it was in fact noise and playing with other people’s heads in smoky rooms that was to be the way… then that’s just the way it had to be…The only reason we do it is because it gets us high playing all this Frock, Flazz & Blues music.

Missing cat

Then the smoke filled rooms became fewer and other people’s heads became screwier, so we decided that smearing love across the masses was now to be the way… Fuelled by the psychedelic, enslaved by our imaginations we set out on a voyage of discovery, pitted against the apathy of our lovely hometown we ventured forth to show them all that getting high is just a state of mind, and feeling down is just another…
So we exalted in the spirit and made music to help realise the way, we danced cavorted and otherwise comingled to call upon the spirits of our ancestors to help us through these dark times… Life really is for loving…

To book Missing Cat please contact us at: [email protected]