5th Dec 2013: Beyond Words; From Music To Cinema, An Interactive Story by Julien Pearly

Julien Pearly

Come along to The Counting House at 7pm for a talk by Julien. Share a crust of bread, and learn more about this inspiring artist…

Name of speaker and subject:

Julien Pearly Fraser Drummond, film and music
“Music is a way of engaging and ordering human consciousness beyond words”. Martin Lodge

Title of talk:

…Beyond Words: From music to cinema, an interactive story by Julien Pearly

Bullet points of what you would like to cover:

  • Why are we telling stories? How to do it without words: Film and Music.
  • Dreamentary: sharing our dreams and documenting our reality.
  • Where does the art of learning start and the act of remembering end?
  • What is left to us when the sound and the image is gone?


Suggested you­tube links, websites and / or texts where

further information may be found:


A few words about you and your passion:

I’m an author from France; I have lived 12 years of my life in Edinburgh starting as a music performer then working as a sound designer on films and multimedia projects. I made my debut short film in 2010 (I’m sorry love…”) and will start soon my new film “…Beyond Words” inspired by the life and work of Fraser Drummond, singer songwriter who died of cancer last february. My passion is audiovisual narrative storytelling. I love poetry and found in cinema the ultimate language to make music visible in time and space. This presentation explores perceptions, dreams and memories through clips of sound and images, writings and performance.

A few lines about the history of your subject:

Film and music always came hand in hand from the 1st ever cinematographic projection in 1895 where a piano played over the image of a train to cover the sound of the projector, a raw state of the later mute films to the birth of music video. There are striking links between music and cinema: they are supreme language by themselves; the first is the art of the invisible, the latter of the visible. Although quite a young art, cinema has quickly become the most popular form of entertainment in the 20th century, while music went from being a live artform to a recording business and from classical composition to film scores. Though a question remains to ask: is it just the beginning or the end of a long and lasting story?
I met Fraser 8 years ago during open mics night, we played together on stage as my music partner in jam sessions and concerts. I started 3 years ago to film him and record his band Confushian with the aim to tell a cinematic story though focusing the project on being a listening experience. His loss was a huge blow for lots of people and I spent the last 8 months working away to france; while there I dreamed all the time about Scotland and my dear friend.

Anything else you may want to say:

I’m about to start a long journey to realise my dream job: to teach the art and craft of creative writing through multidisciplinary projects.