Words And Rules: The Ingredients of Language was suggested by Dr Sarah Anderson

As part of the Ragged Library, Dr Sarah Anderson, Project Officer at the Beltane Public Engagement Network suggested ‘Words And Rules: The Ingredients of Language’ by Steven Pinker…

Words And Rules The Ingredients of Language

My book would be Stephen Pinker’s ‘Words and Rules’, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Words_and_Rules. I read this book as a final-year undergraduate student and it made the dry academic work I was doing suddenly make sense.
Pinker takes something most people (including me) would find incredibly boring – regular and irregular verbs – and uses them as evidence for how children learn language. The book explains why children often get things ‘wrong’, and why there is no point correcting them – one for all the pushy parents out there! Reading Pinker’s book was one of the main reasons I chose to do a PhD.