Stolen From A Crow by Crispin Case-Leng

I’ve always had this deep fascination with music. How it evokes our deepest feelings, how it creates joy, lust, sorrow and awe. It truly is a special art form. One which allows humans to connect emotionally on an unparalleled level.

As a songwriter, lyrics are of utmost importance to me. They can be used to tell stories of other worlds, to express the flutter of falling in love, to philosophise on the fabric of reality and even to state ones political agenda. The possibilities are truly endless. One may be forgiven for suggesting this can also be achieved through literature and yes I agree this to be a valid point.
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Education and Training the Workforce: A Digest

The scope of this subject is large; its subject matter a source of potential ambiguity, however this is no good reason not to try and explore one of the multiple functions of education… The distinction between education and training in the United Kingdom is periodically, and of late more frequently, pronounced obsolete, yet it persists with an energy that suggests strong ideological and political value.  It seems to have relevance both for people of different persuasion about what education should be and for those with an interest in the way education and training resources are allocated. Read more…

6th Feb 2014: COOCs and the Rhizome; A World Where Everyone Is A Teacher And Knowledge Is Up To You by Peter Shukie

Coocs logo

Come along to the Castle Hotel on the 6th of February at 7pm for a bite to eat and listen to Peter talk about Community Open Online Courses…


Title of talk:

COOCS, a world where everyone is a teacher and knowledge is up to you

Bullet points of what you would like to talk about:

  • Nomadic wanderings – rhizomatic learning ideas
  • Technology as a liberator
  • Popular Education and informal education
  • COOCS – a community of knowledge sharing where everyone can teach, everyone can learn

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The Grassmarket Community Project by Reverend Richard Frazer

I am really glad you now have the bookcase. I have also put the date for your Ragged Talk into my diary. I have another meeting at 6pm that evening, but I am hoping that all being well I can slip away and join you. Meanwhile, how about the following as a we explanation of our philosophy and the Grassmarket Project ethos?…

“If developing our skills makes us happy, why do we make so much room in our lives for devices that eliminate the need to develop skills?” Carmela Federico

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