11th June 2015: Making Manchester a Centre of Excellence for Dyslexia by Roger Broadbent

Manchester Dyslexic Self Help Group

Come along to The Castle Hotel, put your feet up and enjoy listening to Roger share his passion about dyslexia


Title of talk:

Making Manchester a Centre of Excellence for Dyslexia

Bullet points of what you would like to talk about:

  • 1) Basic definition and background.
  • 2) Current educational approach.
  • 3) Fear and ignorance.
  • 4) Crime and the justice service.
  • 5) Barriers to employment.
  • 6) Solutions.


A few paragraphs on your subject:

Dyslexia effects 10% of the population, but occurs at a higher rate in areas of privation. Manchester used to be a city where jobs were plentiful and easy to get. With the economic changes that have occurred over the last 20/30 years this is no longer the case; hence, dyslexics, as vulnerable individuals, have struggled significantly.

A few paragraphs about you:

I am dyslexic and have worked around this area for a number of years. I was on the board of the East Manchester Dyslexia Association, a trustee on the Dyslexia Foundation, and an now the chair of the Manchester Dyslexic Self Help Group. I work as a study support coach supporting students at MMU, UoM, and Salford uni. Most of the students that I work with are dyslexic.

What are your weblinks?

Website – http://www.manchesterdyslexicselfhelpgroup.weebly.com/
Twitter – @MDyslexic
Public Email – [email protected]
Any others: Flickr

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