10th Oct 2015: Daddy's Daughters and Sons; Perspectives on Male Factor Infertility Treatments and Trends by Dr Ruby Raheem

Male Fertility

Come along to The Central Library  at 2pm (George Washington Browne Conference Room which is one floor down from the front entrance) to listen to Ruby’s talk. There will be some food provided and an opportunity to socialise…


Title of talk:

Daddy’s Daughters and Sons: Perspectives on Male Factor Infertility, Treatments and Trends


Bullet points of what you would like to talk about:

  • What is infertility?
  • Infertility trends around the world.
  • History of human infertility treatment.
  • What is male factor infertility?
  • Male factor infertility trends
  • Causes of male factor infertility
  • Male factor infertility treatments
  • Daddy’s daughters and sons
  • Complexities and ethics of embryo usage and surrogacy

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Working Mens Clubs and Education: Into the 20th Century by Ruth Cherrington

In a previous article, I outlined the educational strands of Working Men’s Clubs (WMCs) as they developed from their mid-19th century origins. Already by the end of that century there were concerns that these were declining due to a rise in popular entertainment. The WMCIU motto was ‘recreation hand in hand with education and temperance’ but few clubs had remained ‘dry’, with most choosing to sell beer. Read more…

Interview With An Educator: Julian Edge

This is an interview with Julian Edge, which took place in Manchester Central Library in July 2015.  Julian Edge has a long and rich career in teaching, and has later moved into counseling, he talks about how he came to education as well as the ways he sees us learning.  In the interview he takes us through the history of how he got into teaching, and where across the world he has taught; all time being drawn back in to learning as he meets a new set of problems. Read more…

A Scotland Conservation Officer by Catherine Gemmel

I have always been a water baby. Any chance to go to the beach, stick my head into a rock pool or to swim in the sea I was there. As soon as I had the opportunity to learn to SCUBA dive with Aberdeen University I grabbed it so I could experience first hand the amazing underwater world. We are so lucky in this country to have such amazing experiences on our doorstep and I always knew I wanted to be able to give something back to the sea after so many years of enjoyment and wonder. Read more…

Thermodynamics the Salford Way by Simon Ward

I had decided to write this article on very much a local pioneer of physics and thermodynamics, I had missed that Joule lived in Manchester and Salford until another Ragged University member pointed it out. I wish to thank Connor for this useful piece of crowd sourcing when we were discussing this outside Gulliver’s.
James Prescott Joule was born in Salford on Christmas Eve 1818 to a brewing family. He studied mathematics under John Dalton who was a pioneer with the periodic table and atomic theory. As a child he was fascinated by electricity and he and his brothers would give each other electric shocks, and also to unsuspecting servants. He would also fly kites in thunderstorms to try and “capture electricity”, but eventually decided this was too dangerous. This expanded into experiments with electricity and magnetism in the cellar of the family home in Pendlebury. Read more…