Coordinator: David Hughes

David ‘Aphid’ Hughes is one of the future-shocked who is finding his place in a world he tries hard to understand. He has spent most of his time in pubs and is a great example of a little knowledge being a dangerous thing. A sociable Henry’s cat with a moustache and a bald head. He has many ideas and concepts and is looking for the right people to throw them at.  David cofounded Glasgow Ragged University producing a range of events across a variety of venues.
“I saw my place in the Ragged University as an enabler, bringing together venues, groups and individuals as well as subjects topics and experiences to form areas of society where ideas, discussions, projects and relationships can flourish and be challenged…

David Aphid Hughes
David Aphid Hughes.

My experience in the theatre helped me aid our speakers address a crowd. My experience in guiding the atmosphere in the pubs I have worked in and the middle management role of ‘diplomat in authority’ will mean I can mediate events with the friendly aplomb needed. The ability to chastise without offending being one of the most useful in life.

I have a great and natural interest in almost everything and I pay attention which I think is necessary for everyone within the RU if we are to have a diverse and free-flowing forum. I think the RU should be a simple formal example of what a lot of people have forgotten can happen, that communities can get together with no ulterior motive or concern simply to share each others thoughts and propel culture forward.

That it happens in the traditional meeting places is fitting pubs, cafes and libraries and museums and I like the fact that people may come to see having a drink as a relaxant and de-inhibitor as worthwhile (since British culture just now sees alcohol as a means to a drunken end) and that the resources given everyone and kept safe by society might lose their stigma of boring places which quieten talk.


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