1st Dec 2016: Get Together For Lunch to Discuss What it is Exhibitions Can Do with James Clegg

Come along to the Talbot Rice Gallery on 1st December 2016 from 2 to 4pm for a leisurely lunch kindly provided by the Talbot Rice Gallery.  The event is open to all, this series of Ragged University Events invites you to come to Talbot Rice Gallery for a late lunch and to discuss Rob Kennedy’s acts of display and what exhibition spaces can do.


Taking lead from the exhibition, these informal group conversations aim to move away from fixed, scripted explanations of what artworks are ‘about’ to a participant-led exploration of what it is like to experience the exhibition space:

this one including precarious leaning walls, a huge cherry tree growing through a pile of heaped wreckage, enigmatic texts, LED lights, broken TV screens and new video piece.

Supported by Alex Dunedin from the Ragged University, the artist Rob Kennedy and curator James Clegg, everyone will be encouraged to share opinions and be active and creative in interpreting or reinterpreting acts of dis play.

The results will be improvised, spontaneous and evolve in response to whoever comes along, meaning it is different every time. Sandwiches, tea and coffee will be provided to keep everybody going.

We encourage everyone to bring along things used to make sense of the world. If you’re a musician, bring along your instrument; if you’re an artist bring along your sketchbook; if you use post-it notes or certain kinds of memory aid or have a book you like to quote from, bring it along (Our only ask if that you don’t bring liquids or anything that might damage the works on display!)