30th July 2015: We Control You; The Psychology of Obedience and Authority By Prof Ray Miller

Stanley Milgrams experiment

Come along to The Counting House at 7pm to listen to Ray, share a crust of bread, and learn about control…


Title of talk:

“We control you: the Psychology of obedience and authority”
No. 6 in the series “What has Psychology ever done for us?”

Bullet points of what you would like to talk about:

  • Are we really in control of ourselves?
  • Are our decisions individual or the result of group norms and pressures?
  • Can we easily be convinced to behave in ways we might normally find unacceptable?
  • Is there a ‘demon’ inside us that has to be controlled by Society and Civilisation?
  • How influenced are we by conformity, obedience and authority?

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