Loving Yourself Inside & Out! by Faith Canter

If you’re tired of judging yourself, putting yourself down, dishonouring your body, disrespecting your history and disliking who you are and the life you lead, then you are in the right place!

Through my work with my clients, I have found that behind many health conditions is a lack of self-love. And when we address this lack and embrace the beauty of who we truly are we go through some truly profound healing, both mentally and physically. I have seen energy and vitality substantially increase, relationships improve, pain slip away, disease in the body leave, passion and purpose shine through, finances flourish and not only how we feel about our bodies dramatically improve but even changes in the way our body looks and feels follow suit, just from addressing our love of our self. Read more…

Is Plastic Really Fantastic? by Faith Canter

Plastics have been around since the 1940s. They’re used all over the world and are commonplace in our everyday lives. So what exactly is plastic and where does it come from?

There are actually a few natural plastics, but for the most part, the plastics we use are manmade and most come from crude oil (although some come from coal and natural gases). Plastic, petrol, paraffin, lubricants and petroleum gases are all bi-products of the refining process of crude oil. Read more…

Living a Less Toxic life by Faith Canter

We all know deep down that a lot of what we do, use and surround ourselves with these days is pretty toxic, not just to ourselves but to the environment as well.  But are you aware of the extent of this toxicity, how it affects our health, wellbeing, mental state of mind and how easy it is to make changes that could have drastic and positive effects?

In this article I’m going to talk you though all of these and prove to you it can be an easy and cheap transition to better health and a better environment, for you, your family and the planet as a whole.

Read more…

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