Dreamwhispering by Geoff Baines

I’m a futurist.  I’ve allowed myself to admit this late in life, and have just completed a five week online course being trained to explore the future more effectively. There isn’t such a thing as the future, only many possible futures.  I love the idea that the future can be shaped by people with foresight, intention, and love…

13th March 2014: The Ancient Art of Dreamwhispering by Geoff Baines

Geoff Baines Dreamwhisperer

Come along to The Counting House at 7pm for a talk by Geoff. Share a crust of bread, and hear about dreamwhispering…


Title of talk:

The Ancient Art of Dreamwhispering


Bullet points of what you would like to talk about:

  • What is Dreamwhispering?
  • Why Creativity, Enjoyment, Generosity?
  • The First Journey: an open mind, an open heart, and open will
  • The Second Journey: Crystalising, Prototyping, Zooming
  • The Gift

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