Coordinator: Alex Dunedin

Alex Dunedin has no formal education and has been a coordinator of Ragged University from the beginning in 2010.  He is the primary ‘janitor’ of the project spending much of his time finding others who want to get involved in creating public events.  All his years he has learned from friends, community and people who are passionate about their subject and who took the time to share their interest; these are the sources of inspiration that set him on his journey to explore and develop open forms of community learning/education. 

Alex Dunedin Portrait
Alex Dunedin


He lives in Edinburgh and has been researching biochemisty over the years developing a particular interest in medicine and the philosophy of science.  Through the Ragged University project he has had the chance to expand his horizons and develop his understandings through meeting people under informal circumstances and putting on open events.


He has strong positive feelings about the intellectual abilities inherent in every person, and sees being a part of the Ragged University project as a primary way of improving his life.  Knowing how hard it can be for people to get access to the educational opportunities which are out there, being involved in a network of learning-oriented people has supported him in documenting his experiences through creating social documents of the complex issues which arise for people who fail to gain a foothold in formal education.  He likes writing poetry and cooking fresh food for people.


One particular consistency he has known is that he has been wrong on so many occasions and as a part of life enjoys learning how to pick up on how from friendly people.