4th July 2016: International Carbon Conscious Bicycle Powered Pedalling Adventures; Part 2! by Simon Byrom

Come along to People Know How in Ocean Terminal to listen to Simon tell us about his epic journey


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International Carbon Conscious Bicycle Powered Pedalling Adventures – part 2!

Bicycling back from Australia with Simon Byrom

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Highlights and insights from a journey by bicycle back to Blighty, (with a little help from infernal combustion engines where physical barriers, time and bureaucracy compromised the way).

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Having developed a passion for travel I happened to find myself Down Under several years ago… Looking for an environmentally friendly means of getting home I acquired an old bicycle in Sydney, Australia, and set off on an epic adventure which found me pedalling across deserts, mountains and sprawling metropolises, taking in the exotic lands of Indonesia, Thailand, Laos, China, Mongolia and Russia (with some not inconsiderable assistance from the trans-Siberian railway!).
In part two of this trip I venture into China and having felt somewhat overwhelmed with the size and pace of this intriguing nation I fortuitously ‘bumped’ into three young Chinese cyclists who were on a long distance tour and followed them for several weeks. This rather altered my course and took me to places not mentioned in the guide book including a matriarchal society, offering a fascinating alternative insight into ‘reality’, to counter our dominant western centred world view. Beyond the Women’s Kingdom as it is known, I experienced the veritable highlight of the trip cycling on the roof of the World in search of Shangri-la!
Part 1 of this tale was described by Alex Dunedin as “whole junctures of new thinking.  Intercultural respect, colonialism, environmental destruction, multinational ignorance, the beauty of nature, our connection with the world as a part of it, finding freedom, the reality of stable state economies…”
I would like to share this adventure to inspire and encourage others to take up independent travel and to raise awareness that Another Worlds IS Possible beyond the current dominant paradigm of power, money and fossil fuel dependency.

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Having formerly worked in the Middle East in the murky business of oil exploration, I have subsequently become a passionate advocate for an alternative, low carbon lifestyle.

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