Rowland Urey talks about Psychiatry: Philosopher And Your Friend In Recovery

The grown up person is not a child., the grown up person is an ALIENATED human being, because we do not experience ourselves as the SUBJECT and ORIGINATOR of our own acts. We are FORCED to overcome our Situations for we cannot live as totally alienated humans and remain SANE.
For we have been EMOTIONALLY and SOCIALLY traumatized by our OBJECTIVE life activities reflected SUBJECTIVELY In our HUMAN CONDITION and PSYCHE. Mental Distress is nothing more than a manifestation in humans of a greater malaise brought about by Modern day living Alienation and Isolation.


For our Human actions are not intelligible or understandable outside of the socio-historical times we are living through, for we are products of our age, and it is an age of of retrogression. “Accordingly all necessity is “historical necessity” Namely ” a disappearing necessity”.


This concept not only makes intelligible the multiple transformations and transitions of humanity, but at the same time it leaves the doors wide open as regards to future development of human society. For Human action cannot be reduced to the crude simplicity of “mechanical determinations”. Nor can there be a point in history in which we could say: “Now the human substance has been fully realised”, for such a fixed view would deprive the human being of his essential attribute; His power of “Self Mediation” and “Self Development”.
“We can not remain children forever; we must in the end go out into ” Hostile Life” we may call this “Education To Reality”. ‘ No, our science is no illusion but an Illusion it would be to suppose that what Science can not give us we can get Elsewhere’ ‘ For where there is Id, there shall be Ego’. Sigmund Freud.
My Friends, I feel it to be my responsibility not to remain passive in a situation which seems to be moving towards a self chosen catastrophe, I hasten to add that there is more to it than a sense of obligation. The more INSANE and DE-HUMANISED This WORLD of our’s seems to become, the more may an INDIVIDUAL feel the NEED of being TOGETHER WITH MEN AND WOMEN who share one’s ETHOS AND VALUE’S.

I certainly feel that need, and I am grateful for the ENCOURAGING AND STIMULATING Companionship of those with whom i have had the GOOD FORTUNE OF meeting and working alongside and with on my INDIVIDUAL AND PERSONAL JOURNEY of DISCOVERY and RECOVERY.

Being passionately interested and involved in events, I have a certain degree of OBJECTIVITY THOUGH NEVER THE dispassionateness which some believe to be a REQUISITE OF OBJECTIVITY. For i am what i am, and that’s why i do what i do, and that’s about all there is to it REALLY. As always Fermenting Revolution.

Rowland Urey