Music: Simply Soweto Encha

Simply Soweto Encha, formerly known as Africa Entsha, are a five-piece a cappella group that sing gospel, soul, jazz, doo-wop, and R’n’B both in African and popular styles.

In their shows, Simply Soweto Encha celebrate South African oral and dance traditions by performing Zulu, Xhosa and Tswana songs, full of rhythm and harmonies. Dumi, Jabu, Morgan, Lwazi, and Sbu all come from the Soweto township where they have developed their talents being inspired by rich local culture. Discovered in Johannesburg, the group have toured across Europe to share their unique music style since 2008.
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Music: Houndog Fraser & Rock Hunter

 We are a blues harp and guitar duo who play a mix of our originals and good old standards , all good time , foot stomping , whisky drinking blues.

Houndog and Rock met back stage between sets when they were playing at the 2007 Burnley Blues Festival for the Groovecats and the Blues Devils respectively. 6 years passed before they met again at a gig in 2013. Read more…

Music: Three Days From Retirement

We are THREE DAYS FROM RETIREMENT and we are an instrumental/post-rock band from Edinburgh.

We started back in late 2012 when myself Matthew McGhie and good friend and guitarist Matthew Floody decided to start the band and come up with the name. In the starting process I recruited another 2 good friends who I played with in my two previous bands. They were guitarist Joe Warnock and Chris Jones who played drums. Read more…

Music: The Imaginarium

…….A Folk/Indie Rock/Blues outfit hailing from the capital city Edinburgh…

Imaginarium began in the summer of 2013 when two friends Bryan Donoghue and Chris Wilson began jamming together and bouncing ideas off of one another. After a few songs were written it was decided the next step was to form a band and bring the songs to the live unsigned scene Read more…

Music: Combo Combo

Wood , wire, skin & muscle, and a lot of energy…We create music together that we enjoy playing, with the people we like….for anyone who will take the time to listen !!

A trio of voice, guitar and percussion who write acoustic-based songs influenced by Celtic; African; R&B; Blues; Jazz and  Reggae styles !!

  • Personnel:

  • Cassy Mcormack on vocals
  • Iain Mackechnie on guitar
  • Pat Mcann on percussion

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Artist Development


To effectively help an artist on the road to realizing their work pragmatic and strategic goals must be worked towards. This involves some very simple elements.

Dead Stock

Artists have an incredible amount of dead stock which ‘produces nothing’ – work which has been produced but sits in the back of a drawer for various reasons. Ragged Music will actively encourage the exposure of these materials to the musical market so that their potential is valued. There is good reason to think that there is a lot of great music, already produced, which could be more widely available. Read more…