Coordinator: Dan Zambas

Firstly I want to say thank you – I have had the incredibly fortunate pleasure of watching Ragged grow from the very start. Its simple philosophy really struck a chord with me, something so obvious but equally necessary – “What do you love? What do you want to know? What do you want to be?” and most importantly “Did you know this existed?”. These are the questions that we do not ask our children in our current education system, and this ideal has been born out of the very absence of this question. For that, Alex, thank you.

I’m a parent to two wonderful little girls, little bright sparks whose existence helped inspire Alex to begin his journey with Ragged. My family are the reason I do what I do, like so many of us, and the support in my own musical journey… well words just want say quite enough what that means to me.

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Coordinator: Alex Dunedin

Alex Dunedin has no formal education and has been a coordinator of Ragged University from the beginning in 2010.  He is the primary ‘janitor’ of the project spending much of his time finding others who want to get involved in creating public events.  All his years he has learned from friends, community and people who are passionate about their subject and who took the time to share their interest; these are the sources of inspiration that set him on his journey to explore and develop open forms of community learning/education.  Read more…

Ragged University